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Yantra's Are Now Available


  Numerology is the study of the occult significance of numbers and is based on the idea that the universe is mathematically constructed. All numbers have a mathematical property and numerology is used to find your numbers and what they mean for you.

For example your

  Numerology has been around for thousands of years, and is thought to originate among the early Hebrews, but no one knows for sure where it truly began.  It is used to find out, through the figuring of a person’s numbers, their strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, and deepest desires. Knowing these things, it will help you through life’s journey
by understanding yourself and others around you more thoroughly.


  Toni has practiced Numerology for many years. She finds the study interesting and rewarding and now offers this service to our customers.






   Yantra's   are numerological “magic squares”, based on your date of birth. The numbers used in your personal Yantra will be your power numbers that correspond directly to you. They have been known to show insight to your motivations and character and worn as a protective talisman. Yantra's are thought to bring good luck and can also be used for divination purposes.

Yantra's are your own personal Mandala!

Paper Yantra's you carry in your wallet, purse, pocket, or stone pouch.

Order yours today!


Receive your own personal Yantra by emailing your birth date to:

Get My Yantra Now

Phone/Fax: (501)758-4149

$10.00 ea.

Always keep your personal Yantra close to you!
Make your Yantra into a pendant and wear it. 

(please allow five days, these take time)



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