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     The STONE Maiden opened in 1989 and was formerly known as The Rock Lady until the year 2004.  It was a home based business and we participated in psychic fairs, rock shows, and home parties all over central Arkansas.

     We are proud to announce that The STONE Maiden now has a formal storefront in North Little Rock, AR

     We carry a large variety of crystals, stones, rocks, and minerals. Most of our crystals have been hand dug and cleaned personally.  We take great caution in the handling and care of our "natures marvelous wonders".  We truly believe that everyone can benefit from their beauty and miraculous healing and metaphysical properties.

     We also carry a wonderful array of jewelry, gifts, and accessories to meet your every metaphysical need and want.

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Meet The Owners


  Toni has been passionate about rocks and crystals for many years.  She loves to go “rockhounding” to dig and then clean her crystals herself.  She has been in the rock and mineral business for about 12 years and has participated in many rock shows and psychic fairs in Central Arkansas.  She is also a member of the Geological Society. 

   Toni also practices Numerology, and would like to take a course to become a certified Numerologist. She is a member of The Spirit Seekers, a group of Paranormal Investigators.


 Amber is the daughter of Toni, and went into business with her mom in 2006. She loves the paranormal and is also a member of  The Spirit Seekers.  She has taken classes on Paranormal Investigation and is soon going to start classes on UFO Investigation.

  Amber likes to “play” with her tarot cards in her spare time and hopes to become comfortable enough to offer  readings to customers one day.





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